Soumil Roy

WordPress still reigns as the undisputed champion for content delivery

For the last several years, I have been trying to move out of the WP ecosystem and into the wild west of frontend frameworks, headless CMSes and every fancy, bleeding edge crap that I happen to discover on twitter.

In 2023, I have returned to my beloved WordPress.

What changed?

I guess I was in my rebellious phase and wanted to go beyond the old and the boring. I think we as developers often confuse stability for old and outdated. Thats an incorrect outlook to have, but unfortunately, one comes to respect the stability after getting sucked into the chaos of cutting edge tech.

So, I believe this is kinda like a rite of passage, where the developer must bear the pain of maintenance, breaking changes, incompatibility in order to understand that maybe, old and the boring ain’t always that bad.

If a tech existed for 20 years, its most likely to survive for another 20 years. Classic examples are Java and PHP. Yes, PHP is not going to die. Live with it and learn it. In fact, PHP is getting better, whereas your bleeding edge framework that got spawned last night, might not make it next year.

So yes, when it comes to content delivery, WordPress still reigns king.