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Types of SSL Certificates and Which One Should You Use

In this post, I’m going to explain the various types of SSL/TLS certificates and under which conditions should you use one for your website.​

Sat May 05 2018

Google’s Feb Update and Why You Should Migrate your Website to HTTPs NOW!

Google’s upcoming Chrome Version 68 due to release on July 18 will mark all HTTP only websites as “Not Secure”.

Fri Feb 23 2018

Functions in PHP – A Simplified Guide

A “function” in programming terminology, is a group of statements that execute a particular task. There are various types of PHP functions that we’re going to cover in this tutorial. But first, Let’s take an example to understand functions. The abs( mixed $number ) is an inbuilt PHP function which returns the absolute value of […]

Wed Dec 27 2017

3 Easy Ways to install Google Analytics to your WordPress website

(Video Transcript) In this short tutorial, I’m going to show you 3 quick and easy ways to install Google Analytics on your WordPress website. Before that lets first quickly set up our google analytics account. Head over to google analytics, On your analytics dashboard, click on Admin in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Fri Dec 15 2017

Local WordPress Development Setup — WordPress tutorial

To build your own WordPress themes and plugins, its a good idea to build and test them on your local WordPress development environment before releasing it to your clients or to the public.

Fri Feb 19 2016

How to create a WordPress theme from scratch — A Definitive Guide

Creating a WordPress theme is a very exciting project, especially when you are curious about how WordPress deals with themes.

Tue Feb 16 2016

PHP Objects (Part 2)

Hope you have created some classes of your own. To get the gist let create another class Automobile <?php class Automobile { public $brand; public $color; public $wheels; public $engine_type; } ?> This class is now a simple blueprint for your car. But where is the car?

Sun Feb 14 2016

PHP Class in depth analysis (Part 1)

Before jumping to the PHP Class, let’s observe our surroundings for a moment. You see tangible things in your room like books, table, chair, clothes etc. Each of these items may or may not be useful to you. Let say you have a book. But you don’t have just one book, maybe you have few […]

Sat Feb 13 2016