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Hi there. I'm Soumil and I'm a WordPress developer with 7 years of solid experience on Web technologies like PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3 and my current focus is integrating these technologies to building awesome WordPress themes & plugins.

I enjoy experimenting with web layouts, typography and different color schemes. These design experiments help me craft a wonderful user experience for my clients. This website is a testament of my love for design and code.

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My Past Works


Vedic Maths Luxembourg

Vedic Maths Luxembourg is the sister site of Vedic Maths Forum (India), which focuses on promoting Vedic Mathematics to schools in Luxembourg.

ATR Sports

ATR Sports

ATR Sports is Canada’s sporting goods retailer operating offline and online. The site had been migrated to VPS solution with NGINX as the web server. The site’s theme has been upgraded to a premium theme with more simpler user experience. Heavy site customisations were done to make the site more user friendly.


CVLauncher is Resume Broadcast / Job Portal website for Employers and Candidates in the UAE. The project is built on top of premium theme with huge customizations.


I found Soumil on Upwork and he is the best software programmer, designer cum strategist I have ever come across. He has great programming skills, passion to solve problems and deeper knowledge about everything internet and ecommerce. I would strongly recommend Soumil to anyone looking to build an enduring internet business as he has the energy, passion and dedication to be the 24/7 invisible human powering your internet business.
 Rajesh Thomas

Soumil understood every detail of the work with pin-point accuracy and explained technical terms to me, as I was clueless about most technology used for website designing. I would highly recommend Soumil to you as he will be an asset to your organization but only after he finishes my other website projects to say on a lighter note. I am grateful to Soumil for his vision and as we enter phase two of marketing the site I am again expectant for Soumil to guide and take us through Digital Marketing.
 Gaurav Tekriwal – President, Vedic Maths Forum India

Soumil is NOT your typical freelancer on the web! His communication was exceptionally clear and his replies were always very fast. Not only is he VERY knowledgeable about WordPress and web hosting, but he also is a self-starter and always researched a topic when he didn’t feel he was ready to give a precise recommendation. If you are lucky enough to work with Soumil, you will understand how special he is! JESSE NICKLES – UPWORK CLIENT

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