Soumil Roy


Soumil is a great asset and talented developer. He work diligently and executed development tasks effectively. Also simply a great member of the team.

Ivan T, CEO Sgnal

Soumil is a great engineer and was instrumental in helping us envision our beta website from concept to reality. He patiently supported us during numerous design iterations and deliberations and was able to give us a good foundation as we started out. He’s helped firefight critical issues and has always been around when we’ve needed support. I strongly recommend Soumil to anyone looking to work with a talented engineer and a great person!

Gokul R, Cofounder, Lemonade

Soumil is an incredibly skilful developer and wonderful colleague. He is not only a strong and goal oriented team player but he understands complex matters in no time, making him an indispensable part of any team. It’s a pleasure working with.

Lisa S, Team Leader, SKOOT

Soumil is the ideal co-worker and mentor anyone can hope for. His technical and soft skills are unparalleled. He can adapt very quickly and produce the solution in no time. I loved working with him and I wish we could work together more. He has taught me so many things and I look up to him. He is kind, dedicated, thoughtful and empathetic. He can solve any problem given to him no matter how complex. His vast knowledge and experience is a remarkable asset for any organization that hires him.

A. Rehman, Frontend Developer

Whatever we say for Soumil is less. He is an incredibly talented designer, developer, and an end-to-end solution provider. He has a keen sense of business, eye for design details, and superior technical skills. He knows his stuff in and out, and to him, client satisfaction comes above everything. His dedication towards his client is exemplary. Very quickly you start to consider him as an integral part of your company. If you are looking for a thorough professional who will truly value your company’s needs, look no further. Very highly recommended!

S. Pathak, Cofounder

A great asset to the foundation, development and maintenance of our latest Home-Stay chain. Soumil created our beautiful website, paying attention to every detail and rework that we have shared with him! He is patient with our requests and always delivers great results as per our specifications. He has been a vital part of our company and would recommend hiring him for future projects!

Pooja Prakashraj, Life at Prakasham

Soumil is one of those truly remarkable folks you come across perhaps a couple of times in life. After handing him a small project his dedication, quality of work and clarity of thought convinced me to give a long term assignment to build out one of the company’s critical products.

He not only built out the specified product while managing tight deadlines but he was also responsible for shaping the user story, roadmap and overall customer centric vision, toggling back and forth between front end and backend functions.

I would definitely look forward to working with Soumil in the future and recommend anyone to hire him for any freelance projects without batting an eye. Truly value for money and a great asset to any organisation.

S. Sukumar

I found Soumil on Upwork and he is the best software programmer, designer cum strategist I have ever come across. He has great programming skills, passion to solve problems and deeper knowledge about everything internet and ecommerce. I would strongly recommend Soumil to anyone looking to build an enduring internet business as he has the energy, passion and dedication to be the 24/7 invisible human powering your internet business.

R. Thomas

Soumil has now created three websites for me, and they were done so well that I am giving him even more work! His communication, skill, timeliness and attention to detail is unsurpassed. The design and implementation were flawless, he fulfilled my vision for a minimalist, attractive and functional website. Anytime that I had questions, comments or wanted a small section revised, he was present to provide thorough answers that a non-technical person such as myself could understand.

Alina V.

Absolutely AMAZING to work with Soumil! He goes above and beyond time and time again. He did such a great job, that I hired him for another project already. Soumil was able to make my vision into a reality from the first time around, something that 30+ other proposals were not able to do. He is incredibly timely, always on schedule, seems to be online 24/7, always answers questions incredibly thoroughly, shows ME when I end up missing an asset, or if something can be improved. Whenever I send back feedback, it is always implemented within 24 hours and done exactly how I requested—if not better. I feel as though I gained a lot of knowledge by working with him, and I feel as though he did a lot more than was asked of him. He is a very honest, thorough and meticulous person who is easy to work with and really does go above and beyond making your product a reality. If I were you, I would hire him in a heartbeat, he is a quality developer and knows his stuff! I wish I could rate him higher.

A. Vedernikova