Soumil Roy

Absolutely AMAZING to work with Soumil! He goes above and beyond time and time again. He did such a great job, that I hired him for another project already. Soumil was able to make my vision into a reality from the first time around, something that 30+ other proposals were not able to do. He is incredibly timely, always on schedule, seems to be online 24/7, always answers questions incredibly thoroughly, shows ME when I end up missing an asset, or if something can be improved. Whenever I send back feedback, it is always implemented within 24 hours and done exactly how I requested—if not better. I feel as though I gained a lot of knowledge by working with him, and I feel as though he did a lot more than was asked of him. He is a very honest, thorough and meticulous person who is easy to work with and really does go above and beyond making your product a reality. If I were you, I would hire him in a heartbeat, he is a quality developer and knows his stuff! I wish I could rate him higher.

A. Vedernikova