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  • Functions in PHP – A Simplified Guide

    A “function” in programming terminology, is a group of statements that execute a particular task. There are various types of PHP functions that we’re going to cover in this tutorial. But first, Let’s take an example to understand functions. The abs( mixed $number ) is an inbuilt PHP function which returns the absolute value of […]

  • How to create a WordPress theme from scratch — A Definitive Guide

    WordPress theme from scratch

    Creating a WordPress theme is a very exciting project, especially when you are curious about how WordPress deals with themes.

  • PHP Objects (Part 2)

    Hope you have created some classes of your own. To get the gist let create another class Automobile <?php class Automobile { public $brand; public $color; public $wheels; public $engine_type; } ?> This class is now a simple blueprint for your car. But where is the car?

  • PHP Class in depth analysis (Part 1)

    Before jumping to the PHP Class, let’s observe our surroundings for a moment. You see tangible things in your room like books, table, chair, clothes etc. Each of these items may or may not be useful to you. Let say you have a book. But you don’t have just one book, maybe you have few […]