Soumil Roy


馃殌 Architected and developed ResuGo, a powerful resume builder with 3000+ sign-ups, streamlining job application for diverse professionals.
馃帗 Implemented tailored resume flows for students, independent, private practice, and in-house lawyers, ensuring highly targeted and impactful resumes.
馃 Designed an intelligent auto-generation system to create resumes from user-provided information, enhancing efficiency and user satisfaction.
馃捇 Expertly leveraged Nuxt.js for a high-performance frontend and Fastify & MongoDB for a robust, scalable backend infrastructure.

Skills: JavaScript 路 Front-End Development 路 Unit Testing 路 Software Deployment 路 Optimizing Performance 路 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 路 Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) 路 Git 路 GitHub 路 Test Driven Development 路 Node.js 路 Nuxt.js 路 MongoDB 路 REST APIs