Soumil Roy

Generative AI is useless if you don’t understand your domain

There is too much buzz going around about AI taking jobs, so I decided to wait and experiment with AI to get a better picture and here is my conclusion.

No matter how good AI gets, if you have limited expertise in your domain, AI will spit out garbage from your prompts. Heck, you might get kicked out of your job if you copy paste generated content verbatim.

I’m using Co-pilot and GPT-4. I love Dall-E. It’s because of my experience, I’m able to properly get the most benefits out of Generative AI.

So no! AI isn’t taking away jobs.

Master your domain, thats the only way to create useful prompts for AI. You can sniff out the fluff and take the good bits from generated content.

Your productivity will only go up if you know what you’re looking for.

With domain expertise and some prompt engineering, you can produce some extraordinary shit in a short amount of time.


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