✊🏼 My story

My dreams, goals and things to look forward to...

Hi! 👋

My name is Soumil Roy. I’m a senior Frontend engineer currently residing in Kolkata. I have been working from home since 2013, way before the pandemic hit the world.

What I do

I’m a product designer & developer. I have been an integral part of 3 startup companies, where I have exclusively designed and authored my software.


By nature, I’m an ambivert, but I keep to myself mostly. Getting into awkward social situations is my expertise even though I never trained for it 😅.

I have my own goals & ambitions that I want to achieve in this lifetime. I want to acquire very high technical expertise and work at pretigious institions from various industries. I hope to achieve this by learning and exploring cutting edge technilogies to stay ahead.

My second desire is to travel the world. As the son of a para-military officer, I have been fortunate enough to travel to various places and experience various cultures & traditions around the world.

As for my musical tastes, I’m very fond of synthwave/vaporwave genre of music though not strictly restricted to it. Any form of music that has a progressive message gets to my playlist.

I barely get time to watch movies, but when time permits I find myself enjoying comedies, suspense, and narrative rich series like Dark or The Expanse.

Life defining moments

I believe in every person’s life there are moments that redefine one’s own character. I’m fortunate to have experienced such moments myself.

Some of the moments include walking on a desolate beach alone at night, taking a shower under a waterfall, and kayaking in the backwaters, and more.

I hope moments like these continue to change my perspective about the world we are fortunate to inhabit.

Things I look forward to in life

Like everyone else, I too have a desire to achieve financial freedom, but it’s not the only thing I want to focus on.

My trip to Andamans in 2019 has made me realize the extent of ocean pollution. Seeing beautiful white beaches littered with plastics drilled a hole into my heart. I felt very ill-equipped to do anything about it.

The effects of climate change exacerbated by humans all over the world is unimaginable and we must take stand for the sake of our future.