Testimonial by S. Sukumar

Soumil is one of those truly remarkable folks you come across perhaps a couple of times in life. After handing him a small project his dedication, quality of work, and clarity of thought convinced me to give a long term assignment to build out one of the company’s critical products. He not only built out the specified product while managing tight deadlines but he was also responsible for shaping the user story, roadmap, and overall customer centric vision, toggling back and forth between front end and backend functions. I would definitely look forward to working with Soumil in the future and recommend anyone to hire him for any freelance projects without batting an eye. Truly value for money and a great asset to any organisation

Published by Soumil Roy

I'm a Full-Stack Developer with 7+ years of experience in Web design & development .Currently building expertise in React, TypeScript & GraphQL

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