A life defining moment

Today I want to share something deep with all of you. I want to share a life defining moment I experienced a long time ago; a profound experience I believe every person reading this can relate to albeit under different circumstances.

I was born and raised in a city. I did my schooling from one city to another. My interactions with nature were mostly forests and the mountains, which I absolutely love.

On one such day, I decided to visit the beach closest to my home. I took my family along with me. They too, wanted to catch a break from the hectic life of the city.

Before we booked our hotel, we had to get our ducks in a row and leave as soon as the weekend arrived.

We arrived at our hotel late that day. Since it was already dark, my family decided to spend the evening watching TV instead. I, however, wanted to take a walk on the beach, but the hotel staff warned me about the high tide that occurs during the night.

I took their warning to heart, but I really wanted to take a walk on the beach. Hearing the waves from a distance, I tricked myself into believing that the sea was calling me. So I snuck away, avoiding the eyes of the staff and other guests. 

It was around 7pm, the tide had not risen yet. I took a stroll on the beach. It was dark, but there were some people taking a stroll as well.

I didn’t realise I walked for 1 hour straight without a single thought in my mind. The sound of the waves hitting the sands kept me distracted. 

I stopped to look around and suddenly fear struck my heart. I was very far from civilization. I could not spot any lights. I could not spot any people anywhere.

I realized I was on a desolate beach. The only sound hitting my ears was the waves, and they were slowly creeping up on me.

What happened next would stay with me for the rest of my life.

I hadn’t realized till much later that the atmosphere became quite misty. I could feel tiny water droplets forming on my skin. 

I stood there facing the sea with my back facing towards the land. 

The light breeze that accompanied the waves suddenly stopped. The waves calmed down as if time came to a grinding halt. It became very eerie, very quiet, very haunting

Facing the sea, I felt I was staring into infinity, and suddenly a gust of wind from the sea hitting me with full force. It was very cold. I shivered.

The next couple of seconds, there was another gust of winds, but it hit my back. It felt very warm. Then, again chilly winds hit from a different direction and then the hot winds hit me the opposite direction.

I was staggered. I thought to myself “Why do I feel warm and cold at the same time?”. 

I closed my eyes and then it dawned on me. 

I was in the middle of nature’s concert. The warm winds from the land and cold winds from the sea were clashing head on, and on the exact spot where I stood or at least close to my proximity.

The winds hit me from every direction, hot and cold as if they were dancing around me. I felt I was in the middle of a sacred ritual.

The feeling was so surreal that I nearly lost track of time. 

This unique sensation lasted several minutes. I got hold of my senses when I realized the tide had risen significantly. I dashed to my hotel as quickly as I could while trying to store, recollect and process the last ten minutes of my life.

That experience has left me quite happy & beamish. Happy that I got to experience a wonderful natural phenomenon, and grateful because that experience made me appreciate nature even more.

I traveled numerous times to experience that same feeling again. But alas. I guess I was very lucky to be on the spot where certain natural conditions were met, and thus I got to experience the phenomenon first hand.

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